Pasta Perbene
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About us

PP-Gastroinvest develops, markets and operates gastronomy system concepts. Our focus is on both stationary and mobile concepts.
Our current project "Pasta Perbene" will start with a mobile system, which will later be extended to include a stationary system.
In addition to our own projects, we also provide support for hotels, catering companies, gastronomy systems and franchisors in the optimisation of their operations.

The Team

Here to help you are:
Wolfgang Leppert
Director, concept development and strategic market development
Silvia Leppert
Director, purchasing and personnel
Séverine Probst
Marketing, investor relations, franchise and locations partner
Andreas Kuck
Event and locations management
Stefan Koppetsch
CI, advertising and print
Nadja Thomann
CI, art and graphics
Heinz Weiss
Logistics and security
Ellen Stegmann
Advertising and text
Raffaele Solito
Product range and pasta production
Toni Solida
Gastronomy consultant, training and quality assurance