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People are the key to success

Behind every successful enterprise there are people who work with enthusiasm, commitment and passion for their company and its philosophy.
Exactly the sort of people we are looking for.
For the expansion and consolidation of our business we are always looking for staff who can identify with the Pasta Perbene idea, and would like to be an active part of its success.
Regardless of the position you take and the number of hours you work, we offer all employees:
• a sociable, appreciative working environment
• independent and autonomous work
• flexible working arrangements
• participation in the further development and continuous
improvement of the company
• excellent salary
• career prospects
• the opportunity to work for yourself
We are convinced that our mutual success can only be achieved when your values, vision and goals are in tune with those of the company. We focus on - and work towards - this objective every day.
In return we expect our staff to use the freedom offered to become the most important part of the company's success.
We expect:
• loyalty and commitment
• dedication and passion
• respect and appreciation for other staff and the company
• open and direct communication at all levels
• an active contribution to the continuous
improvement of our services and the company
• a conscientious and uncompromising attitude to quality
in daily tasks
• you to act as an ambassador and image maker for the
company in the marketplace, with customers and
in your business and private life.
Detailed, position-specific responsibilities and requirements may be found under the individual vacancies.