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Strong Partnership

We can only be successful by working together. As a franchise holder, you depend on us to have the necessary experience and know-how to let you join the fast lane.
However, our franchising system can only work if we have franchise partners who are fully committed to their own success, and to the success of the system. It's a win-win situation - together we can succeed.

Parameters for success

The advantages are apparent:
• mobile concept. You go where your customers want you to go
• minimal personnel requirements
• short and simple permit process
• various selling possibilities (daily locations, social
occasions, exhibitions, events, catering etc.)
• catering from the Mobile, take-away food and the
opportunity to buy fresh ingredients
• little or no stock
• the franchisor is your supplier and logistics partner
• high-quality products
• proven and documented procedures for maximum turnover
• large profit margins
• production of a business plan
• support for location and event planning
• assistance with location negotiations and contracts
• training and supervision during start-up phase and daily operations
• little start-up capital required, financing assistance provided
• investment protection by long-term franchise agreements